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Content Curation for Content Marketers: Six Basic Ways To Curate Other People Stories

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Robin Good‘s insight:

Pawan Deshpande, founder and CEO of Curata, has just published an article that provides some very useful guidelines to content marketers interested in improving their basic content curation skills.

The article provides six alternative approaches to curating content, from simple ones like quoting and retitling, to more advanced ones like parallelizing, storyboarding and summarizing.

The context provided in this article circles around three key factors:

  1. Quantity of effort
  2. SEO value
  3. Added value

so that you can compare, among the alternative curation approaches presented, the ones that better match your own needs.

But, beware. Though content marketing experts have you believe that saving time, seo impact and traffic size are key variables to go after, I remain of the impression that true “added value” provides order of magnitude greater benefits than the other two combined. 

In other words, to rank and evaluate the value of a curation approach versus another, I would ask: Does the curation produced help other people make better sense of a topic? Does it allow for others to learn about an issue without having to juggle and research tens of dubious resources? Does it save the reader time in learning about the topic he’s interested in while providing him with all the needed info?

Having said this, I deem this article particularly useful for content marketers getting interested in content curation, and in learning which approaches they can adopt, besides reposting and sharing the best content they can find, to improve their “value added” propositions.

Useful. Resourceful. 7/10

Full article:

(Thanks to Marjolein Hoekstra for pointing me to this article)

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