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Content Curation as a New Form of Journalism

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Robin Good‘s insight:

Federico Guerrini, an Italian freelance journalist is the author of a new research study done for the University of Oxford and sponsored by Thomson Reuters which analyzes the emergent use of content curation practices for journalistic use.

The research provides a good introduction to content curation, and a few excellent examples of how it has been used effectively for journalistic purposes. 

Excerpt: “Without giving up their traditional skills, journalists are becoming more and more information “managers”.  They are behaving like human filters which due to the absence of boundaries (i.e. space limitations, like television’s airtime or newspapers’ pages) typical of the digital world, verify and add context to what user-generated content they think to be relevant, and feed it onto Web pages or mobile applications.

The paper also covers the convergence of curation and storytelling, curation tools and the opportunities that may arise for media organizations and independent professionals in the near future. 

The closing sentence remarks what has also been my main concern since I have been experimenting and learning my curation approach: “

we have to hope that these new players don’t choose to fall on the wrong side of the line, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by curation tools just to transform them into propagandistic platforms.” (I read this to mean “exclusively into content marketing tools used for creating more noise”. 

PDF study: 

review by Reuters Institute: 

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